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In Magic and Legend: Time Knights, players will follow the tale of the titular heroes as they travel through time to fight off malevolent invaders.

Both Magic and Legend feature their own unique set of abilities, letting players experiment with the right tactics and get a feel of the playstyle that suits them best. Of course, in case they can’t make up their minds (because both are equally fun to use), they can always switch between the two characters at any time on the fly.

The game features 5 large sprawling levels over the time periods:

  • Level 1: The Journey Begins… (Present Day)
  • Level 2: Medieval Times
  • Level 3: Sengoku Period
  • Level 4: Ancient Rome
  • Level 5: The Crown Jewel Heist (60’s London)

For each level Magic and Legend have their own costumes and weapons and just for fun there are also 4 bonus levels.

Lastly, to ensure the world is safe, the boys go up against a final boss who is hell bent on taking out Magic & Legend so they can take the planet for themselves.

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The Retro Room Games

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Support our homebrew efforts and get some merch at the same time!

Controls (Browser / Keyboard Controls):

  • Arrow Keys - Left, Right, Up & Down
  • Z: Weapon
  • X: Jump
  • Return: Pause / Level Status
  • Shift: Switch Characters

Controls (Gameboy / Mobile Browser):

  • D-Pad - Left, Right, Up & Down
  • Button A: Weapon
  • Button B: Jump
  • Start: Pause / Level Status
  • Select: Switch Characters


Note: the soundtrack above is the original music files and does not reflect what is sounds like on actual hardware or through a Gameboy emulator

You can play this game on:

  • Gameboy
  • Gameboy Color
  • Gameboy Advance (requires physical cartridge or Everdrive cart)
  • Analogue Pocket
  • PC (Windows, MacOS, Linux)
  • Android:
  • Web Brower (Desktop and Mobile)
  • Sony PlayStation Vita (requires PS Vita to be hacked)
  • 3DS / New 3DS + XL variants (requires 3DS / New 3DS to be hacked)
  • 2DS / New 2DS (requires 2DS / New 2DS to be hacked)
  • N64 (Everdrive) (still working on the version that can be flashed to a cart)
  • Sega Dreamcast

Previous builds have been available for the following platforms.  We will release these again soon with the updated version.

  • Wii U (Experimental) - Seems to work on the CEmu emulator but its a bit slow... I haven't had a chance to try on real hardware yet.

Have fun!

14 December 2022 update:

A 2 level demo is available of the final rom.  The final full version of the rom will be released soon to purchase.

Gameboy, Gameboy Color and Analogue Pocket versions of the demo are available now.

23 November 2022 update:

The final version of the game is complete, and you can purchase a physical copy from The Retro Room Games here: https://theretroroomgames.com/products/magic-legend-time-knights

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AuthorLegendary Monkey Magic
Made withGB Studio, Paint.net
Tags2ds, 3ds, Dreamcast, Game Boy, gameboy-color, Game Boy ROM, gbstudio, osx, wii-u, windows
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any), Joystick, Wiimote, Smartphone, Playstation controller
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Gameboy: Magic & Legend - Time Knights (The Retro Room) (Demo).gb 1 MB
Gameboy Color: Magic & Legend - Time Knights (The Retro Room) (Demo).gbc 1 MB
Analogue Pocket: Magic & Legend - Time Knights (The Retro Room) (Demo).pocket 1 MB
Windows (x64): Magic & Legend - Time Knights (The Retro Room) (Demo) 85 MB
Linux (x64): Magic & Legend - Time Knights (The Retro Room) (Demo) 79 MB
MacOS: Magic & Legend - Time Knights (The Retro Room) (Demo)
PS Vita: Magic & Legend - Time Knights (The Retro Room) (Demo).zip 462 kB
Nintendo 3DS / 2DS: Magic & Legend - Time Knights v1.0 (demo).cia 4 MB
Sega Dreamcast: Magic & Legend - Time Knights v1.0 (demo).cdi 6 MB
N64 (Everdrive): Magic & Legend - Time Knights v1.0 (Demo Version).zip 3 MB

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is there a full rom version to

Purchase? Looks great btw

there will be yes.  Currently I am letting the Physical version go through its sales process.  Then I will put up the digital rom for sale.

I will also compile the full version across the different platforms too.

thanks for your kind works and interest!

¿final version?

At least for now… I will probably do a bug fix release at some point but will likely port this over to GB Studio 3 to continue progress.

Scratch that - inspiration has started up again :)