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A platform game starring Magic and Legend going through time, defeating aliens and saving history!

The two heroes, Magic & Legend, have different abilities, with the option to switch characters at any time

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Support our homebrew efforts and get some merch at the same time!

Controls (Browser / Keyboard Controls):

  • Arrow Keys - Left, Right, Up & Down
  • Z: Weapon
  • X: Jump
  • Return: Pause / Level Status
  • Shift: Switch Characters

Controls (Gameboy / Mobile Browser):

  • D-Pad - Left, Right, Up & Down
  • Button A: Weapon
  • Button B: Jump
  • Start: Pause / Level Status
  • Select: Switch Characters


Note: the soundtrack above is the original music files and does not reflect what is sounds like on actual hardware or through a Gameboy emulator

You can play this game on:

Have fun!

24 May 2022 update:

So much has changed since my last upload of the game.

We have a new trailer (although I need to update the Level 5 preview on it now)

We now have 5 full levels, a new bonus level for Level 4 and a Final Boss + ending story to the game.

The new levels are:

  • - Ancient Rome (Bonus level has you whacking moles underground with a mallet)
  • - The Tower of London (Known as: The Crown Jewel Heist - London)

New music in those levels as found from various community resources here on itch.

All levels have a new Level Complete... well done screens with new graphics.

The Konami Code cheat screen is now fully functional.  Features available:

  • 99 Lives
  • Level Select
  • Bonus Level Select
  • Final Boss Select

I have dubbed this the pre-final bug fix release as I intend to continue playing through to find those last-minute bugs for I release the final v1.0 and I move on to the next game.

Here are some further stats:

  • 5 main levels with 10 different costumes (5 for Magic, 5 for Legend)
  • 4 bonus levels
  • 1 final boss
  • 14 weapons
    • Main game - 5 for Magic, 5 for Legend
    • 4 different weapons in the bonus games

From the images point of view... there is now a Cassette case cover (as it appears to be popular on Etsy and the retro gaming community) as well as a Japanese front cover.

This release is available for Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Analogue Pocket and the Web version (demo on this page has also been updated to v0.91)

2 Apr 2022 update:

Analogue Pocket version of v0.20 released on request from someone in the GBStudio reddit community.  Thanks for the suggestion.

This game is built on GB Studio 2 Beta 5... which doesn't have a native Analogue Pocket export.  However, this wonderful open source project helps us out: 


1 Apr 2022 update:

Not an April fools release, I promise... but a partial release with the first half of Level 4 playable...  This time, Ancient Rome featuring:

  • New weapons for Magic and Legend
  • New character art for Magic and Legend
  • New alien character introduced
  • New music as found from the Fantasy music mod pack here on itch.io by AJ Booker

Other new features implemented:

  • Cheat code available on the title screen of the game.  (Konami Code)

Bug fixes:

  • Level 1 restart positions fixed for spikes and lava

Known issues:

  • Level 1 - Lava fireball position goes crazy if moving up the level
  • Level 3 - When coming back from the bonus level... the number of aliens left to complete the level is always zero.

Currently this release is only for Gameboy Color and once I have a full version with Level 4 complete with the bonus level, I will create builds for the other platforms.

21 Mar 2022 update:

New platform supported: Mac OSX

Soundtrack has been uploaded in both MP3 and mod format.  Music was sourced via itch.io, modarchive.org.  All music is suitable for GB Studio.

Soundtrack is also available on SoundCloud for all to enjoy.

28 Feb 2022 update:

Inspiration has struck again.  Today we release the same version but as a native Windows app as well as a Chrome / Edge browser extension (because why not!)

A new level is in the work, as well as some but fixes.  This time it is Ancient Rome, no bonus level yet but I am sure something will come to mind... I often turn to my 3 and 5 year-old kids for inspiration :)

Lastly, I am producing a very limited physical run for my kids and close friends.  With that of course comes box covers, a manual, cartridge labels etc.  All will become available for those interested in producing a physical copy for themselves.

You may be wondering, will I ever product a version that will be sold.  The answer is probably not.  All of this is really an experiment for me to try various things!

v018 update:

So much has happened since my last upload.  I will try to list it all here:

Total Levels: 6

  • 3 Main levels with each on having a bonus level to go to for extra points
  • New enemies as well as collectables such as coins, hearts, fruit and candy!
  • It records points now!
  • The characters have more abilities that are different from each other.
    • Magic can stomp on aliens as well as has a melee weapon
    • Legend cannot stomp on aliens but shoots projectiles
  • I have added an energy system
  • Story and explanation scenes for all levels (main and bonus)
  • Music and sound effect improvements
  • It's now in color!
  • Rebalanced a number of areas to make it more fun to play
  • Changed the visual style to be more modern, in particular fonts

v002 update: 

  • New level - Sengoku Period
  • Character costumes for each level
  • Character weapons are changed for each level
  • New font and styling across the app
  • Pressing Select at the title screen will go to the debug screen so you can go to any level in the game (3 so far)

v001 GBJam9 version:

  • Initial demo release


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Gameboy Color: Magic & Legend - Time Knights v0.99a - Most bugs found release.gb 1 MB
Gameboy: Magic & Legend - Time Knights v0.99a - Most bugs found release.gb 1 MB
Analogue Pocket: Magic & Legend - Time Knights v0.99a - Most bugs found release. 1 MB
Gameboy Advance: Magic & Legend - Time Knights v0_99a - GBSenpai Recompile - Exp 521 kB
2DS / 3DS: Magic & Legend Time Knights (v0.99a) - Gameboy Virtual Console Versio 4 MB
2DS / 3DS: Magic & Legend Time Knights (v0.99a) - Gameboy Advance Virtual Consol 1 MB
WiiU (Experimental): [LOADIINE]Magic Legend Time Knights v099a [BFFC].zip 38 MB
Wii U (Experimental): [WUP]Magic Legend Time Knights v099a.zip 44 MB
Windows: Magic & Legend Time Knights v0.99a-win32-x64.zip 81 MB
Linux (untested): Magic&LegendTimeKnightsv0.99a-linux-x64.zip 95 MB
Dreamcast: Magic & Legend - Time Knights v0_99a.cdi 7 MB
Chrome / Edge Browser Extension: Magic & Legend - Time Knights v0_99a.crx 11 kB
Apple Mac OSX (x64): Time Knights-darwin-x64.zip 79 MB
Nintendo 64 (Untested): Magic & Legend - Time Knights v0.99a - Most bugs found r 2 MB
PS Vita: Magic & Legend - Time Knights v0.99 (PSVita).zip 467 kB
Android: Magic & Legend - Time Knights (APK & AAB).zip 5 MB

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¿final version?

At least for now… I will probably do a bug fix release at some point but will likely port this over to GB Studio 3 to continue progress.

Scratch that - inspiration has started up again :)